While our founders we're attending college in NY, they fell in love with the bodega experience that is so unique to the region. 

Bodegas are a staple of the community and offer a consitent experience - quality eats for a fair price in a unique environment.

Simple eats. Meaningful connections.  Welcome to Deli Mart.


In college, it was an everyday ritual to stop by the store, sometimes solely for the experience with no shopping agenda. 

With Deli Mart, Phood Group is bringing this hyper-localized cornerstore experience nationwide.

Enjoy NY delicacies like the baconeggandcheese and  choppedcheese (yes, one word) served on that iconic hard roll you can only find in the big apple region. 

Its our goal for our guests to feel as if they walked in their local bodega, fist-bumped the neighborhood hero behind the counter, and pet the store cat without getting off the couch - let alone taking a flight to NY.