its phood, with a ph


Our team is led by Joe Conciatori (L) & Xavier Negron (R). 

Phood Group was born in March of 2022 with the launch of our first pop-up, Project Pasta. Put together in less than 24 hours, Project Pasta was a massive success. Delivery has always been at the core of Phood Group - we placed a 1 mile radius around our university's center, released a menu, and began taking pre-orders. We reached our order capacity within an hour!

However, we had one more surprise for our excited guests: it was free. That's right, free.99. We were able to hand deliver our pasta to over 30 hungry college students that night at no cost. All we asked in exchange for our gourmet pasta was feedback of their experience. 

Without realizing, with that we developed Phood Group's core value of not only putting the guest first, but constantly working to make their next dining experience with us even better than the last.

Fast forward to May of 2022, we had an opportunity to participate as a vendor in an on-campus event. The one catch: we couldn't prepare hot food on site due to COVID guidelines. So we pivoted, and created our first CPG line - Como Se Dice tortilla chips and hot sauces. 

Then we graduated, and begun diving deeper into how we can make an impact in the food space. We want to show up and deliver our best. After all, we're on a pursuit of excellence.

  Now in 2023, we're dropping everything to help food trucks optimize their business and put more money in their pockets. We're tirelessly working to scale trucks' delivery and catering programs, handle back office headaches, and solidify their brand as a local staple; not just any food truck, but a Phood Truck

Well, now you know our story. Feel free to hit us up if you need anything.