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where phood truck owners focus more on doing what they love while we handle the headaches

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At Phood Group, we know how hard it is to fit day-to-day admin tasks in your schedule as a food truck operator.

When you partner with us and become a Phood Truck, we take care of your trucks business needs.

Services include payroll, bill pay, purchasing, inventory, tech integration, licensing upkeep and more.

Becoming a Phood Truck gives you time to do what you do best: provide for your family and serve great meals to your community.


Are you a food truck owner that doesn't know where to start with delivery? Become a Phood Truck and stop leaving money on the table.

In 2023, delivery is a crucial revenue stream for restaurants of all sizes - food trucks included. With 31% of the millions of delivery app users ordering twice a week, you're missing out by only offering walk up.

When you partner with Phood Group, we manage your entire delivery program including your digital storefront, professional menu pictures, customer service, branded packaging solutions, and more.

Delivery is growing at unprecedented rates post-pandemic. Become a Phood Truck and claim your piece of the action.

You cook the food - we grow your brand.


Catering is a great revenue stream for food truck operators to leverage.

With large check sizes and high re-order rates, trucks have the opportunity to multiply their daily business with a solid catering program.

Phood Group will market your catering services to local businesses and land you repeat deals week after week.

Not to mention we will hand deliver the orders with our top notch food transportation equipment.


As delivery becomes the norm in food service, the crucial hospitality experience synonymous with dining has been lost.

This is unacceptable to us. We have a dedicated virtual wait staff (yes, human beings) available to help your guests navigate your menus, answer any questions, and brighten their day.


Phood Group heads all of our Phood Truck partners marketing efforts.

Whether its social media, google ads, streaming commercials, or billboards - we have a guy for it.

At Phood Group, we believe every small business has a captivating story - its our job to gracefully tell the tale.


We're on a pursuit of excellence and showing the world whats possible with passion and determination by:

  • Always listenting to our guests and happily answering their requests.
  • Crafting a true hospitality experience within digital ordering.
  • Creating proprietary packaging solutions that are both better for the environment and the food - keeping meals at the perfect temperature and texture with eco-friendly materials.
  • Merging content and commerce, consistently publishing entertaining and informational content within the world of food.